As an Admin, you don’t have time to spend manually documenting everything in Salesforce. And too often, it gets stuck in your backlog. But accurate Salesforce documentation is absolutely crucial to the way in which you do your job as your company scales.

At Sweep, we know how important Salesforce documentation is, but we also know how important it is to automate that work. Not only will automating this task help save time, but it will also ensure consistency for the team which will help ensure accuracy. In addition to lessening the backlog, here’s why every Salesforce Admin needs to use our AI-powered documentation tool:

1. Troubleshoot Salesforce Faster than Ever Before

Troubleshooting Salesforce is a part of every Admin’s job. But with Sweep’s AI tools and visual interface, you’ll be able to quickly trace configurations, automation rules, and custom fields back to their purpose. Plus, you can map out dependencies between different elements. This is crucial because changes to one element might impact others. With a couple of clicks, you can visualize how this change might impact other parts of the configuration, such as reports that rely on that field, and avoid negative consequences.

dependency mapping
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2. Expedite Salesforce Knowledge Transfer

Whether you’re growing your team, having a team member change teams, or (gasp!) losing a team member, Salesforce knowledge transfer is vital to maintaining the seamless functionality of your CRM. With AI-powered documentation, you’ll have confidence in ensuring that new and existing team members can access the same, full-up-to-date information every time. Plus, new hires can use the documentation as a self-service resource as part of their onboarding instead of bothering other employees with specific questions about functionality.

3. Improve Salesforce Management Efficiency

Too often, Salesforce Admins get stuck feeling like they are simply working at a “Help Desk” rather than actively contributing to the growth of the company. Well-intentioned co-workers will make requests, sometimes redundant ones, and Admins will have to answer each one separately. With the proper documentation, these teammates will be able to find answers on their own. And this ultimately helps free up the Admin to tackle more strategic tasks.

4. Quickly Streamline your Data Collection:

Streamlining your data collection can help improve the functionality of Salesforce but manually searching for rarely used fields or ones with inconsistent data can take a ton of time. With AI, you’ll be able to immediately identify the fields that are going unused or are being filled with the incorrect data so you can eliminate these quickly and efficiently.

5. Visualize the entire Salesforce Environment

While Salesforce is an incredibly customizable and comprehensive platform, it is not known for being easy to understand. When using Sweep, you’ll be able to immediately turn your business processes into visualizations, your non-technical go-to-market stakeholders will be able to see how different steps interact and identify potential bottlenecks or errors. This also makes it easier to align between the business systems teams and the go-to-market teams.

Salesforce documentation

Plus, Sweep’s visual workspace gives you the power to be more proactive. Instead of reacting to requests or spending time fighting fires, you’ll be able to use that bandwidth to think strategically about how Salesforce can support business goals and processes. The accessible shared view of the configuration also gives you the opportunity to build a roadmap that reflects the wants and needs of your cross-functional stakeholders so you can ensure that everyone stays on the same page.

Ready to start using Sweep’s AI-powered documentation? Now you can: for free. It’s time to change the way you Salesforce. Get started for free.

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