Powering Revenue Velocity

A visual workspace for Salesforce that drives revenue with smart automations, cross-team collaboration, real time insights and a suite of pipeline solutions

Join other industry-leading companies moving faster with Sweep

Accelerate your Pipeline

Move leads through your pipeline, faster. As you scale, turn Salesforce into an agile platform that supports your success. With more automations, more notifications and more process optimization, your team can quickly overcome pipeline bottlenecks

Visualize your success in Salesforce

Sweep turns your new or existing org into a completely visual workplace. Whether you’ve been trying to uncover dependencies or working on documenting every new process, our tool will help you spend less time troubleshooting and more time strategizing

Make automations work for you

Automate your to-do list so you can shift your focus on higher impact projects and strategic input

Build your CRM


Create custom notifications

Add built-in Slack and email notifications to surface key revenue signals that require action from your team (without the micromanagement). Improve your speed-to-lead rate as well as conversion with automated lead assignment and routing

Access Native Salesforce reporting in a click

Sweep’s auto-generated reports and dashboards will give you the confidence you need to make strategic decisions based on actual results

No hidden dependencies

Sweep manages the complexity of Salesforce architecture for you. Edit your configuration with confidence. You won’t break anything.

should never
slow you down

Sweep enables you to customize and scale any Salesforce configuration, without the dev time.