If you’ve ever been tasked with building a Salesforce environment from scratch or if you’re looking to add new funnels to an existing one, you know you have your work cut out for you. Even if you decide to outsource, third-party implementation partners frequently need at least one month to build – and deploy – a new business process for your CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Finding efficiencies in your workflow can be crucial to your success. Which is exactly why the Sweep RevOps professionals created Salesforce templates. With a template, you can save valuable time, leverage best practices, and increase your cost effectiveness, whether you’re launching a new Salesforce or adding to your existing one.

Each template can be configured to fit your team’s specific needs and easily customized to meet the specifications of your organization. Sweep designed the templates to be used within the Salesforce platform. As a certified Salesforce Partner, Sweep ensures seamless integration and compatibility with your existing Salesforce system.

Here are three SaaS templates designed to help you optimize your Salesforce:

1. New Business Funnel

New Business Funnel
New Business Funnel

Looking to add a new line of business, sell a new product, or launch in a region? Then check out the New Business Funnel Salesforce template. This funnel tracks the progression of new business opportunities or leads through various stages within the sales process. It can help your organization monitor and manage the sales cycle from lead generation to deal closure.

This template consists of different stages that represent the milestones required to move a lead or opportunity forward. Right now, the New Business Funnel template includes the following stages: Qualification, Evaluation, Proposal/Negotiation, Contracting, and Closed/Won. However, keep in mind that you can always customize these stages so that they fit your company’s specific needs.

By using a Salesforce funnel template, you can ensure that leads are moving through the pipeline consistently, and that they are not missing any key steps along the way. The funnel also provides a clear visual overview of the number of leads or opportunities at each stage, allowing sales teams and management to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and prioritize actions to maximize sales effectiveness. This will also help you with forecasting and pipeline management, enabling sales teams to focus on high-potential opportunities and allocate resources accordingly. 2. New Business with a Self Serve Free Trial

New Business With a Self Serve Free Trial
New Business With a Self Serve Free Trial

While this template isn’t drastically different from the first one, it will help you save significant amounts of time and manual effort if you’re adding a new line of business or launching a product that involves a self-service free trial. It consists of the following stages: Free Trial, Discovery, Proposal, Contracting, and Closed/Won.

The initial “Free Trial” stage indicates that the potential customer will have access to a self-service platform or system to explore the product or service on their own during a designated trial period. The “self-serve” nature means that the customer can independently sign up, access the trial, and evaluate the offering without requiring direct assistance from a sales representative. After the potential customer has experienced the free trial, the sales team can reach out and learn more about their specific needs or requirements in the Discovery phase.

By implementing this Salesforce funnel template, you can maintain a smooth flow of leads through the sales pipeline, ensuring no vital steps are overlooked. Plus you can evaluate the success of the free trial element as it relates to customer conversion.

3. Renewal Funnel

Renewal Funnel
Renewal Funnel

If you’re looking to maximize revenue retention, adding a Renewal Funnel template will help you identify which contracts are approaching expiration and allocate resources accordingly to engage with customers and address their renewal needs. This template was specifically designed to help organizations manage the renewal process and ensure the timely renewal of contracts or subscriptions.

This funnel consists of the following stages: Account Review, Evaluation, Proposal/Negotiation, Contracting, and Closed/Won. Of course, once you get started with the template, you can amend these stages depending on your own company’s specifications. Sales teams can use the data to prioritize and focus on high-value or at-risk renewals. Plus they’ll be able to optimize their efforts to maximize renewal rates and improve customer satisfaction.

Once you’ve selected the template you need, you can simply add it to your Sweep environment and connect it directly to your Salesforce.

Want to see the templates in action? Book a demo with a Sweep team member today.

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