Welcome to REVolutions: a new blog series dedicated to showcasing the stories of people who moved into RevOps from different roles, industries, and backgrounds.

In this post, we'll share Maree Deane’s story on how she went from working as a primary school teacher to becoming a HubSpot and Salesforce Consultant for RevQore Consulting. She shares how she found her way into the world of RevOps and reminds others looking to do the same to use LinkedIn as a resource.

Sweep: What was your previous role/career (before you started in RevOps)?

Maree: Primary School Teacher

Sweep: What inspired you to switch careers?

Maree: I was struggling to find a flexible well paid career and so I ventured into Salesforce in 2020. I completed the "Supermums Admin Course" and then accidentally came across RevQore who took a chance on me. This was my first step into RevOps where I started at ground zero.

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Sweep: What lessons from your former career did you apply to your RevOps role?

Maree: There are a number of different lessons I was able to pull from teaching and bring into my new career. For example, teaching requires you to be an excellent communicator: to be able to explain to a concept to an audience with all different levels of experience, understanding and learning style in their 'language.' The same is true in RevOps. I also had to be customer centric as a teacher – my 'customers' were my pupils, parents and governors – I had to keep their needs at the forefront at all times. Again, this carries over to RevOps. Lastly, I relied heavily on my adaptability a day in teaching changes quickly and you need to be able to move quickly and change your approach as 'business needs' change. Lastly, being involved in the strategic planning of school improvement requires business analysis skills, refining processes and roadmap which, of course, translates well to RevOps.

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Sweep: What has been the biggest challenge in changing your career path?

Maree: Imposter syndrome.

Sweep: Where do you see the biggest opportunity for folks looking to get into the world of RevOps from different backgrounds?

Maree: Transferable skills from previous careers are a huge asset to anyone looking to go into RevOps. Soft skills are also really important. Just remember that the other 'stuff' can be learned.

Sweep: Who (if anyone) helped you transition careers?

Maree: The "Supermums Admin Course" provided me with a mentor. I joined RevQore in its infancy so I have learned from experts and been incredibly fortunate in that respect. The business founders have been an integral part of my career transition.

Sweep: What’s the best piece of advice you can share with someone looking to move into RevOps?

Maree: Don't think you don't know what RevOps is because you know more than you think! Use the power of LinkedIn to keep up to date with RevOps too.

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