Welcome to REVolutions: a new blog series dedicated to showcasing the stories of people who moved into RevOps from different roles, industries, and backgrounds.

In this post, we'll share Madi Jaikumar's story on how she went from Lead Data Analyst to RevOps Lead and the advice she has for those looking to make a similar career transition.

Sweep: What was your previous role/career (before you started in RevOps)?

Madi: Lead Data Analyst

Sweep: What inspired you to switch careers?

Madi: I've been wanting to switch over from technical to strategy and this role seems like the perfect segue into understanding and problem solving even before the operations team has realized it. This role felt like it would help me help the ops team be more proactive than reactive.

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Sweep: What lessons from your former career did you apply to your RevOps role?

Madi: Data is EVERYTHING. No theory or enablement piece can actually help the team if they don't have numbers to back it up.

Sweep: What has been the biggest challenge in changing your career path?

Madi: SO MUCH TO LEARN! It's been quite difficult switching my thought process from 'dive into the data' to 'think of possible solution routes, prioritize and then get into the data to validate it'

Sweep: Where do you see the biggest opportunity for folks looking to get into the world of RevOps from different backgrounds?

Madi: As I mentioned, being given the opportunity to present my thoughts and scope for growth just based on performance, or even before they have figured out that this is a problem area. My goal from this role is to help create efficient processes and provide the ops team with all the tools they require to make them do their job at peak performance!

Sweep: Who (if anyone) helped you transition careers?

Madi: It was a happenstance. Our company recently went into a merger and this opportunity presented itself.

Sweep: What’s the best piece of advice you can share with someone looking to move into RevOps?

Madi: Try to change your way of thinking from 'what do we need' to 'how can we get there.'

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