Welcome to REVolutions: a new blog series dedicated to showcasing the stories of people who moved into RevOps from different roles, industries, and backgrounds.

In this post, we'll share Jeremy Steinbring’s story on how he went from Audio Engineer to Founder of RevOnyx and the advice he has for those looking to make a similar career transition.

Sweep: What was your previous role/career (before you started in RevOps)?

Jeremy: So far, my career has gone: Audio Engineer > Implementation > CS > Sales > Product > Business Systems > Consultant

Sweep: What inspired you to switch careers?

Jeremy: My experience working in so many different industries and roles led me to RevOps. I learned the ins and outs of all the teams that make up GTM and understood where the friction points were. I was in the perfect position to jump into RevOps and not look back!

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Sweep: What lessons from your former career did you apply to your RevOps role?

Jeremy: You're only as good as your last performance - raw ability can only take you so far, it's the grit and maniacal commitment to improving that'll make you successful.

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Sweep: What has been the biggest challenge in changing your career path?

Jeremy: Not knowing where to find the right guidance early on. I was put in positions where I was a team of one without the proper resources. I learned the hard way. Ultimately, it's given me the ability to make it through just about everything on my own if needed.

Sweep: Where do you see the biggest opportunity for folks looking to get into the world of RevOps from different backgrounds?

Jeremy: Education and understanding the world they are walking into. I love RevOps, but it's not for everyone. It's a thankless job for most. I believe newcomers need to know what's ahead before they commit to a career change.

Sweep: Who (if anyone) helped you transition careers?

Jeremy: Community. It doesn't need to be a single person or entity. Meet like-minded folks with experience and share everything you know. You'll learn more in those conversations than any place else.

Sweep: What’s the best piece of advice you can share with someone looking to move into RevOps?

Jeremy: Be open to new things. Be willing to make mistakes. Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

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