Alexandre Bejaoui is no stranger to Salesforce. Having spent more than half a decade as a Salesforce consultant, it was a natural fit for him to own Salesforce when he joined Oneflow, a digital contract platform based in Sweden with 200 employees, as its Head of Revenue Operations.

At the start, Salesforce had been growing organically with the company and there was no one person owning it. Which resulted in a sort of “Frankenstein” type of configuration. He and his team implemented and maintained their Salesforce instance for a year before meeting Sweep.

Alexandre had identified several processes that needed to be added or overhauled as the Oneflow sales and account management teams grew rapidly. He meticulously mapped out a plan to rework their Salesforce over the course of a year, tackling the various parts of their configuration bit-by-bit.

A Faster Way to Build

After becoming a Sweep customer, he realized he had the ability to accelerate his plan. In fact, he was able to reconfigure his company’s entire instance in less than four months.

“I have enough Salesforce experience to say that projects that would have taken us weeks, took only days,” said Alexandre. “Sweep’s architecture enabled me to focus on the process and the outcomes, instead of the tiniest of details when it came to my implementation. The output was flawless, and enabled us to iterate on our processes regularly without the risk of breaking things downstream.”

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Better Tools for Better Admins

Alexandre and the Oneflow team also leveraged Sweep’s admin tools to bolster their implementation. “It has been an absolute game-changer to work with Sweep,” he says. The team relied on the Sweep documentation feature to uncover the relationships between fields, validation rules, flows and apex in their org, ensuring that they had a plan for any impacts due to the changes that they were implementing. This was particularly helpful when it came to updating Salesforce stage names, and ensuring that all related automations would continue functioning as intended.

Less time spent on implementation

Oneflow defined territories using Sweep’s territory planner, as well as Sweeps’ assignment functionality to ensure best-in-class speed to lead, and that all of their records - leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and several custom objects - were always routed to the correct rep and team with proper accountability.

Efficient Use of Resources

Unlike most projects, Salesforce implementations are never quite “done.” And that usually comes with a hefty price tag. However, by using Sweep, Alexandre and co. were able to improve their cost efficiency as well. “From a cost saving perspective, the cost per deployment is much cheaper since we’re improving the efficiency of the end-to-end process (mostly labor cost),” he says. “In fact, Sweep removed the need for a full-time Salesforce admin for now.”

3x faster

Now that Oneflow has rolled out their new and improved configuration, they have still been able to maintain the flexibility to update their Salesforce per their team’s ever evolving needs. With Sweep’s architecture underneath everything they built, they were able to iterate continuously at the same rate at which they rolled out their new architecture.

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