I don’t need to elaborate on “babysitting” in a GTM context. Every manager and RevOps team member I meet knows exactly what I’m talking about here. And they are intimately familiar enough with the concept to tell anyone who will listen: they hate babysitting.

But guess what?  GTM Leaders and RevOps don’t have to “babysit” reps.

Sweep can do it for you … and be more effective

Thanks to Sweep’s automated Slack Playbook Alerts, users no longer need to manually check – or double check – their teams’ pipelines. Not only do these alerts save you and your team time, but they also increase your sales reps’ opportunities for success by giving them an immediate heads up on what they need to do and when. Plus, you don’t need a technical background to add these automations to your Salesforce environment. With Sweep, you can simply do it yourself (no code required!) instead of needing to ask RevOps to build you a report or sit and review data.

Say, for example, you’re an SDR manager who wants to ensure your reps are taking the optimal approach to successfully connect with, and convert leads. You can simply click into Sweep’s Canvas and add an automated Slack message that will tag the Lead Owner if they haven’t adhered to the prescribed outreach guidelines:

slaesforce to slack

Or perhaps you’re a member of the RevOps team and you have been tasked with forecasting predictable revenue. You may start to hunt around for “unlikely” true close dates. Once you find something that appears out of place, you then begin the dialogue to correct it. Again, instead of doing this manually, you can simply add an automated Slack message that will alert the Opportunity Owner when the projected close date looks unlikely to be true:

salesforce slack notification

Another use case for Sweep’s Playbook Alerts is ensuring that no-show meetings get rebooked. Nothing can slip through the cracks faster than a meeting that didn’t hold and was subsequently forgotten about. Rather than relying on reps’ manual tactics (make a note to themselves or put a reminder manually into their calendar?) you can simply add an automated Slack message to ping the Lead Owner when a meeting appears scheduled to have happened but the record never progressed.

salesforce slack alert

And again, the best part is you can create these on your own without any technical Salesforce experience. There is absolutely no need to bug RevOps to help with a report or automation. If you’re in RevOps reading this, you can delegate setting up Playbook Alerts to sales without fear they’ll break or even touch anything in your Salesforce configuration

Once you have Playbook Alerts set up, you won’t have to:

  • Spend hours building custom reports and combing through data to try and find information that may or may not be there.
  • Micromanage your Sales Reps which can be time-consuming for you and, let’s face it, incredibly annoying for them.
  • Run the stressful fire drill (that we’re all guilty of doing!) the morning of a forecasting meeting where you try to get your team to update Salesforce before you sign off on the latest numbers.

Think of all the time you’ll save! Now, you can focus on getting a clearer picture of the success of your sales process based on actual, up-to-date information that your sales team is automatically being reminded to supply.

If you feel “seen” while reading through these examples, book a demo with us and we can explore all your babysitting scenarios and I’ll show you how Sweep can look after your pipeline for you 🙂

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