Now you can drive smarter decisions with Deal Rooms by involving the right stakeholders at the right time. Our latest feature allows you to harness the full power of Salesforce and Slack to create collaborative workspaces that help turn opportunities into closed deals.

Automatically create Deal Rooms

Set up dedicated Slack channels for important deals, based on any logic that fits your business, and keep your revenue and sales teams synced to provide your customers with the best possible journey.

Add members to Deal Rooms at the right time

Loop in team members and leaders at the perfect time. Bring them up to speed quickly so you can find solutions together.

deal room

Where do I find this in Sweep?

  1. Make sure your Slack Integration is updated to the latest version. Simply navigate to Integrations (under your avatar on the top right corner) and hit Upgrade.
  2. Go to Automations, set any trigger and select the new actions we added.

Watch this quick demo video to see it in action:


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