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Turn Salesforce into a Visual Workspace

Uncover dependencies quickly and efficiently

Save time and sanity

Uncover any "black boxes" that exist within your configuration in less than 60 seconds

Untangle your Salesforce configuration

Inspect any object in your configuration and understand dependencies in a click

Documentation you don't have to double-check

Decipher everything from APEX to flows


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AI-Powered Salesforce Documentation

Sweep's AI-powered documentation analyzes your Salesforce instance and generates comprehensive documentation, including dependency mapping, field utilization tracking, and process visualization.


Visualize your entire Salesforce

See what’s working – and what’s not working – quickly by getting a full documentation and visual of all your business processes in Sweep's visual workspace.


Automate Salesforce Documentation

Maintain up-to-date context that keeps your team informed, optimizes your Salesforce instance, and maximizes the value you get from your investment.

AI Chatbot

Immediately understand what each element of your configuration is doing without having to reverse engineer anything.

Collaborative workspace

Add comments, mention team members, and reply to existing threads in any funnel within your account.

Visual Deployment

Plan, build and customize your revenue motions on an easy-to-use visual canvas.


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