Goodbye Salesforce
Workflow Rules
Hello Sweep!

Sweep makes migration easy, simple and intuitive. So simple, you’ll never understand why you didn’t do it before.


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Skip the Salesforce learning curve

Get more from your Salesforce without learning Flows

The End of Salesforce Workflow Rules

Replace old workflow rules with easy and intuitive automations

Drag, drop & deploy

Manage Salesforce on a visual workspace designed to help you optimize and scale.

More Sales, less Salesforce

Create automations that ensure everyone’s getting the right notification at the right time.


Read our migration guide

Learn more on what it means for you and your business, and how to migrate from Worfklow Rules safely


Move away from Salesforce Workflow Rules

Create custom automations without having to hire Salesforce developers, freelancers or contractors. Use Sweep’s visual workspace to create a CRM that works for you.


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Design your processes visually

Drag, drop and visualize how your Salesforce automation and processes will work. Once you’re happy, test it in Sandbox, deploy it and Sweep will do the rest. All managed in house and without the need for an expensive Saleforce consultant.


Easier than Flows

Whether you want to start from scratch or use one of our templates, Sweep gives you the tools you need to create Salesforce infrastructure with confidence.


AI-powered Salesforce documentation

Automatically document your entire Salesforce with Sweep. It is essential that all new Salesforce processes and flows are well documented to future proof your CRM.


Salesforce-ready templates. Or build it yourself.

Set up Salesforce automations and flows fast with our customizable templates. Or, if you know what you want, simply build the funnels yourself.


See Sweep in action

Jump in and see how Sweep enables you to customize and scale any Salesforce configuration, without the dev time

AI Chatbot

Use our chatbot to understand what each element of your configuration is doing.

Funnel Deployments

Deploy your funnels quickly and safely from Sandbox to Production Test, while keeping a log of previous versions.

Collaborative Workspace

Add comments, mention team members, and reply to existing threads in any funnel within your account.

...and so much more!


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