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Sweep makes CRM simple so you can work smarter. Visualize, create and manage your CRM processes, rules, and automations while Sweep constructs an optimized backend Salesforce infrastructure.


The workspace to design your perfect CRM funnel One interface β€” create, collaborate and deploy to Salesforce Drag-and-drop β€” see how your CRM steps interact, as you build them

Configuration Views

Intuitive framework to view and manage configurations Global view β€” a single viewport to analyze your full CRM Direct action β€” find optimizations and diagnose bottlenecks proactively


Goodbye repetitive work - automate any part of your process Apply anywhere β€” create or update any field or object automatically Precise control β€” as specific or as general as you need

Sales Guidance

A Salesforce Lightning component designed specifically to aid your Sales teams Salesforce simplified β€” inline guidance makes Salesforce interaction easy for your Sales teams Curated fields β€” intuitive layouts for Sales without the page configuration

Funnel Deployments

Deploy your funnels quickly and safely from Sandbox to Production Test, then scale β€” works seamlessly with any DevOps process or environment Version management β€” records full history for any process configured in Sweep

Business Intelligence Architecture

Everything you need to support native reporting in Salesforce from day one Any object β€” quickly enable tracking of status, ownership, or any other change natively in Salesforce Mirrors configuration β€” reports and dashboards generated for the fields you’re using


Maximize efficiency - Assign prospects to the ideal sales rep instantly

Assign anything - Automatically route any standard or custom object in Salesforce

Go global - Utilize sales territories or round-robin assignment

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