Getting started
with Salesforce

Building an initial Salesforce implementation without Sweep takes weeks at best, and months at worst. Sweep puts the power in your hands to design your configuration the way you think about it- visually. Create your processes, business logic, fields, and automations using our drag-and-drop editor; our software writes the Salesforce infrastructure for you. You’ll be up and running in days if not hours!

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Create from scratch or use a template

Customize your funnel to fit your business’ unique processes. Know exactly what you want to build? Start with a blank canvas and create from scratch. Add process steps, fields, business logic, and automations in an interface that just makes sense. Looking for some inspiration? Start with one of our templates. Hit “deploy” and voila! Your team is ready to start using Salesforce

Infrastructure everyone can understand

Building in Sweep facilitates collaboration. How? Real-time updating visualization of your processes, business logic, and automations in one place. Use this to show the teams you support to ensure it matches how they’re actually working Salesforce infrastructure that won't break as your environment gets more complex. When you’re ready to make a RevOps hire they can understand what you’ve built and get to work right away

Consult with our internal experts

Our team is here and ready to provide feedback and best practices guidance when you want an expert’s input. We’ve seen hundreds of Salesforce builds so you can trust us with what works and what doesn’t. Don’t choose between Sweep and hiring a consultant- we’re here to guide you as well.

You're live! What's next?

Out-of-the-box reporting

Understand your conversion rates and velocity across any stage in your process without having to build anything yourself.

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Visibility and collaboration

Get buy-in and speed up adoption from the teams you support by using Sweep’s canvas view to help everyone understand what is built and the logic behind it

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Iterate and optimize

No one gets it totally right the first time. Sweep makes it easy and painless to continuously optimize your environment.

Getting Started with Salesforce:

How It Works with Sweep

Salesforce is a powerful CRM tool, but it can be challenging to get started with. That's where Sweep comes in. Sweep makes it easy and fast to get started with Salesforce. With Sweep, you can quickly create Salesforce configurations without any technical knowledge required. This makes it the perfect tool for teams who want to get up and running with Salesforce in a matter of hours. So why wait? Get started with Sweep today and see how easy and fast it is to configure Salesforce.

Salesforce quick start with Sweep

Define the processes to start with in Salesforce

We believe in thinking big and starting small. Salesforce is the most scalable platform that you can grow with, from only a few users in one department to thousands of users across the entire company. To get started choose the business processes that make the most sense for your company whether they are migrated from other platforms or needed to be established and managed first. Usually, companies choose to start with Lead management and New Business Opportunity funnels as the first ones to go live with. Managing these funnels first brings a lot of value to the organization and demonstrates an immediate value from implementing Salesforce.


Configure your processes

Sweep can get you started in seconds using our Salesforce-ready templates. Doesn’t matter if it’s a new business, renewals, customer success, or any other funnel you’d like to start managing in Salesforce - our templates and our Salesforce quickstart packages give you the best foundation to grow with. Choose your template and start customizing it according to your business needs immediately.

Customize your business process

Your business process definition begins with defining the steps in your funnel that can be visualized from start to finish in Sweep’s canvas. This intuitive interface is a powerful tool for designing your business process whether it’s a simple linear one or a complicated one with multiple decision points and branches. The next step is defining the gates between the steps in your process - using Sweep you can easily build the rules that will govern which data needs to be filled in as you move along the process and determine when the steps should move forward automatically or at an end user’s discretion. Don’t hesitate to build complex rules when needed - Sweep makes it easy to build and understand for admins and for end users. If you need to add fields to any Salesforce objects while designing your process you can easily do it through Sweep and they will be added upon deployment. You can also manage picklist values and add options to those fields - like Lead Source, Industry, and others.

Add Automations and Notifications

Sweep allows you to easily add automation and notifications to your process at any point in time. If you need to create records automatically like tasks or new opportunities - you can do it as you customize the process. Automate field updates and the creation of records using Sweep automations and deploy them directly to your Salesforce org. Add email or slack notifications upon meaningful events in your process and make sure everyone is up to speed. Keep everyone in the loop whether they are a salesforce user or someone who only consumes the data outside of the Salesforce platform. Rally your team around successful ‘Closed won’ opportunities with just one click.

Setting up reporting

Salesforce is a robust infrastructure to report on your business metrics, you can set up the reports and dashboards you need to keep track of your funnels, measure conversion rates, velocity, sales reps' performance, and more. Sweep helps you set up the reports you need in seconds - choose from our variety of reporting packages and measure what really matters for your business from the get-go. Sweep also makes sure your infrastructure is BI-ready from day one, by applying best practices, fields, objects, and pre-packaged automations that improve your visibility into the health of your business.

End-user experience or how to think about Salesforce layouts

Usually, when you set up your Salesforce from scratch you need to think about what information you’d like to be available to the end users. There is a lot to keep in mind during this process. For the combination of roles, objects, processes, and stages you would need to determine which fields must be present on the top, what data should be available on the page, and how to guide your teams through the process. Without taking these into account you might suffer from poor data hygiene, end-users frustration, and slow adoption of the Salesforce platform as your CRM - all of the above can simply slow down your business. With Sweep, you can turn sales guidance on from day one. Our Sales Guidance Lightning Component generates the required fields for every stage in each funnel and the guidance for your team to move the process forward. It’s connected directly to your configuration in Salesforce and changes automatically when you change the process.

Deploy smoothly from Sandbox to Production

Sweep supports multiple Salesforce environments and allows you to implement the common Salesforce configuration best practices such as deploying and testing in Sandbox before deploying to production. Simply connect the environment you need to configure and deploy your funnels directly from Sweep. Once it’s ready for Production and you want your end users to start utilizing the setup and configuration you built in Sweep, you can deploy it to Production in minutes.

Sweep for getting started with Salesforce Configuration Management



Scalable architecture - Sweep creates the most optimal CRM architecture for you to get started quickly and scale without growing pains. From day one you can rest assured you can have the best Salesforce infrastructure from your first funnel to hundreds.



Immediate time to value your Salesforce investment - Sweep enables companies to go live on Salesforce FAST. With Sweep’s built-in templates, automation capabilities, reporting packages, and built-in sales guidance companies get all they need to make sure their Salesforce implementation



Consult with our team of GTM and RevOps experts - at any time of your journey with Salesforce our team of experts will help you to get started and make sure you achieve your goals.



Salesforce Configuration Visibility - rallying everyone around your business process is easy and seamless with Sweep. Create a configuration anyone can understand and drive alignment adoption across sales, marketing, and operations from the get-go.

We think of Salesforce as the operating system of your go-to-market (GTM) machine. It contains your processes, stores your data, and serves as the hub to which the rest of your tech stack connects. We recommend the first step as mapping out your end-to-end customer journey- from “new lead” through “Closed Won” through “Renewal” / “Upsell”. This is the blueprint of the processes you want to be built into Salesforce.

The RevOps section of our blog has much more detailed guidance on how to translate your customer journey into Salesforce objects and processes. And of course, there’s no faster, more scalable way to build on Salesforce than using Sweep!

Getting started with Salesforce configuration FAQs

Usually, it takes several weeks to rollout a basic Salesforce configuration. In case additional customization is required it might take months more. With Sweep, you can get your Salesforce up and running in days, including additional customization and configuration such as automated processes, sales guidance, notifications, and reporting.

While other CRMs may be easier to configure and offer steep discounts to get started, they are limited in functionality. As they scale, most companies outgrow these alternatives either because they need more advanced reporting or need a central repository of data that can serve more than just their GTM teams. With Sweep, you can marry the ease of configuration with the robust functionality of Salesforce and avoid a big migration project later on.

Most of Salesforce documentation lives outside of Salesforce. While it’s helpful to fill in descriptions and help texts for fields and Salesforce automations, usually organizations maintain free text documents and diagrams to document their process in Salesforce. With Sweep you document, implement and design your Salesforce processes at the same time.

Salesforce configuration and customization require specific technical expertise and knowledge of Salesforce data model and architecture. Sweep allows non-technical users to start customizing Salesforce in minutes, without the need to understand the underlying infrastructure. With Sweep you can start setting up Salesforce configurations, that will scale and grow with your needs.

Salesforce implementation with Sweep consists of

  1. Choosing the processes to implement
  2. Configure process steps
  3. Create and customize gates
  4. Add Automations and Notifications
  5. Configure reporting and BI Infrastructure
  6. Customize Sales Guidance
  7. Implement Deployment best practices

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