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Save time and give your team the power to drive change by automating layout updates, maintaining documentation, and aligning cross-team stakeholders


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Processes are unique

Whether you are accounting for a new sales motion or defining your post-sale processes, responsible companies are always adding to their Salesforce. Sweep allows you to customize fast without risking breaking what already works

End-to-end customer journey

New business is usually the initial focus but what happens after a deal is won? Defining processes for renewals, upsells, and cross-sales is vital and require customization to each org.

Visibility + Collaboration = Strategy

Sweep creates the visualization Salesforce lacks, making it easy for the teams you support to understand what you’ve built.

Use increased visibility to collaborate with stakeholders and ensure processes match what each team is actually doing.

Your GTM Machine lives in Salesforce

Salesforce at the speed of your business

The understanding of your business processes is constantly evolving. Sweep enables you to update Salesforce quickly to reflect your most current iteration.

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Make updates without concern

Sweep creates Salesforce infrastructure so changes in one place don’t have impacts on others. In short, don’t worry about breaking anything.

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Skip time designing decks

Sweep’s process visualization means you always have an up-to-date representation of your Salesforce. Present to leadership using our views.

Sweep is designed for B2B companies that use Salesforce as their CRM. Sweep supports both customers with an existing Salesforce configuration, or companies that are starting with Salesforce from scratch.

Sweep users install a managed package in their Salesforce instances. In Sweep, users configure how they want their business processes to work.

Sweep can then deploy these processes as metadata to Salesforce via the managed package (as custom fields, objects and custom metadata records), all of which are native to Salesforce.

Since Sweep is focused on your business processes, it currently only captures and analyzes your metadata, and not your data or PII.

Sweep is a certified Salesforce Partner.

  • Salesforce license - Professional edition & up
  • Business email address to book a demo

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