Ask any RevOps professional to describe their day-to-day, and they will almost certainly tell you about a project involving Salesforce. It seems each day brings with it new (and always urgent) needs from GTM teams, which get RevOps started down a rabbit hole of tweaks and fixes of dependent processes. It turns what on the surface seems to be a relatively simple task into days, weeks, or months-long projects.

How did we get here? While Salesforce offers a host of guides and tools designed to teach you how to build on Salesforce, they didn’t provide a guide for what to build.

At Sweep, we define a funnel (AKA a business process) with five main building blocks, outlined below (each of which will get special attention in a future post). When thinking about what to build, how to configure the right funnel for your team, make sure that you consider and define each of the following:

  1. What are the individual steps in your process?
  2. Which teams own each step?
  3. Which objects should I use to build this in my CRM?
  4. What information must I have to move from one step to the next?
  5. What other tools in my tech stack should be leveraged to make this process as smooth as possible?

In the next five posts in this series, we’ll cover each of these questions, to help you design the right funnel for you.

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