When talking with companies using Salesforce, one statement that consistently gets a chuckle and a head nod is “customizing Salesforce is never done.” As a business’ understanding of how they interact with customers evolves, their Salesforce needs to evolve with it- an ongoing process.

I experienced this as a Salesforce user when I was at Wix. As soon as spreadsheets would no longer cut it, we bought Salesforce to support our ~20 person sales and customer success group. Like many companies, our first admin was an “accidental” one; Chris Ryan managed the CS team but bravely stepped up since he had some familiarity configuring Salesforce. I’m sure he’d be the first to validate “customizing Salesforce is never done”; not a day went by without a line of people at his desk bringing requests and questions.

Fast forward 2 years, Chris and I were counterparts running Sales and CS. Wix had hired a RevOps all-star team to support the quickly scaling org. Even with a great RevOps team supporting us, we (read: impatient GTM leaders) still commiserated about lack of speed, understanding, and control in Salesforce.

Fast forward another 2 years and we were both on to new adventures at different companies. Catching up over drinks, Chris asked me about sales best practices and top-of-funnel (ToFu) conversion methodology. He had started a new role as VP Customer Success at Sorbet but saw sales struggling with ToFu conversion and wanted to help. We discussed a few potential pitfalls but when he dug into Sorbet’s conversion data, there wasn’t clarity where the drop off was. He later learned this was because the Salesforce configuration sales worked within didn’t match the actual selling motion… at all. But, I just skipped a few steps in the story- allow me to backtrack.

Ido Gaver and Eran Kirshenboim led our business unit at Wix and Chris had worked with them for 5+ years before getting to Wix. In 2021 they founded Sweep and got to work building a product that is changing the way companies understand and manage their Salesforce environments. I wasn’t working at the company yet but vaguely understood the pain Sweep solves. When Chris got back in touch after our chat saying he couldn’t understand why the Salesforce data didn’t tell any clear story, I pointed him towards Ido and Eran.

Sweep is a visual, no-code interface to manage Salesforce. Once connected to a Salesforce environment, Sweep creates a visual representation of what exists- all of the business processes with their corresponding validation and automation attributed. Simply put- Sweep presents Salesforce in a visual format anyone can understand.


Starting as a design partner, Chris connected Sweep to Sorbet’s Salesforce and after looking at the visualization of the configuration, understood Sorbet’s lead handling configuration lacked customization to match the playbook the team was running. Data showed all of the dropoff between 2 steps in the process when in reality, there were 2-3 more steps in between.

Chris leapt into action using Sweep’s canvas to design what he thought the configuration should look like. After a couple brainstorming sessions with Benjamin, Sweep’s CS lead, Chris had mapped out Sorbet’s B2B2C selling motion and was ready to propose significant changes to his sales counterpart and Sorbet’s leadership.

Because Chris was working in Sweep’s canvas, he had the visual conversation piece to lead a discussion and create alignment about how Sorbet’s Salesforce should be configured.

Not only would I not have understood where leads and deals were slipping through the cracks without a visualization of our old configuration, I wouldn’t have been able to present a solution everyone understood if I was guiding them through Salesforce’s setup pages.
Chris Ryan VP Customer Success, Sorbet

Once Sorbet was aligned on the new configuration, bringing it to life in Salesforce only took Chris one click. He hit the “Deploy” button on Sweep’s canvas and everything he mapped out- configuration changes, data validation, and automations- was written into Salesforce by Sweep’s product.

“Customizing Salesforce is never done”... In the months since their first deployment, Sorbet continues to make tweaks and changes to optimize for conversion, efficiency and data clarity. On average, they’re deploying something new using Sweep just over once per week.

While Sweep’s impact was apparent throughout the diagnosis, alignment, and execution process, it's value was amplified when Sorbet’s Salesforce admin left the company earlier this year. Since then, Chris has used Sweep to, once again, be the accidental Salesforce admin when he's not leading Sorbet’s customers to success. This time, with a lot more effectiveness and infinitely less time invested.

If had to synthesize the three things that Sweep did for us…first, it saved us money, second, it helped us move a lot faster, and third, it provided more clarity so nothing falls between the cracks.
Chris Ryan VP Customer Success, Sorbet

With Sweep’s product and customer success team (experienced RevOps minds) to consult with, Sorbet is well underway crafting their perfect GTM machine. Sweep’s pre-configured reporting dashboards keep everyone up to speed on team performance and automated Slack alerts make sure no revenue opportunity is going unnoticed.

Chris and the Sorbet team are now trending in the right direction toward revenue and growth targets. They leveraged Sweep to understand where improvements to their sales motions were required and implemented those changes in a few clicks.

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About Sorbet

Sorbet is reconstructing Paid Time Off by reducing PTO liabilities for employers and improving the financial health of its employees.

Cheers to Chris and the team at Sorbet!
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