So Sweep is out of stealth. Fun.

(full press release here, TechCrunch article here)

We are on a mission to modernize CRM ops and change the way companies work with Salesforce.

The complexity of Salesforce (and other CRMs) along with sophisticated GTM motions results in configurations that are difficult to build out, and especially hard to optimize and scale.

We’ve experienced the pain of managing business processes on Salesforce from every angle, first as hands-on admins and eventually while leading a 400 people team supported by an incredible revops team. We’ve learned to live with the fact that Salesforce constantly breaks, that simple changes take forever, that deals fall between the cracks of imperfect processes and that the management costs continuously rise.

And then we decided to change all of that.

We wanted to create a product that would change how revops and GTM leaders use Salesforce, to do to the world of CRM what shopify and wix did to website creation.

So we set out to build Sweep, a no-code editor to manage GTM motions on Salesforce. Once connected, Sweep creates a visual environment that allows you to customize business processes and deploy them directly to Salesforce - in a click.

Our product empowers users to take back control of their CRM and make Salesforce the agile and responsive platform it needs to be.

Now what? We have a great product with an ever-growing roadmap, customers that describe us as “another Salesforce admin or Developer on the team” and others that say that we are a “game changer for any company working with Salesforce.”

It’s a good start but we haven't even started.