should never
slow you down

Sweep enables you to customize and scale any Salesforce configuration, without the dev time.

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Control meets Speed

Managing CRM with Sweep is quick and easy, whether you’re a Salesforce pro, or new to the platform. Push your CRM process to Salesforce and it automatically configures with just one click.

Salesforce-ready templates. Or build it yourself.

Templates enable you to quickly add best-practice CRM funnels to your system. And they’re simple to customize to your needs. Or, if you know exactly what you want, easily build funnels yourself.

Make it simple for Sales

Add instructional guidance for managing information within any Salesforce layout.

Your CRM should be as nimble as your commercial teams.

Build your CRM

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5x faster updates
Sweep allows me to keep my operations one step ahead of my business growth and not the other way around. The critical systems my business relies on never fail me.
Isaac, CRO, Rossum
Isaac Buahnik CRO, Rossum

Business Intelligence 
from day one

Your Salesforce configuration is automatically ready-to-use for BI. Sweep makes CRM insights available on-demand, natively within Salesforce.

Unlock full process visibility

Sweep turns Salesforce configurations into real-time visuals of your business process. Pipeline information becomes more accessible and more intuitive.

No hidden dependencies

Sweep manages the complexity of Salesforce architecture for you. Edit your configuration with confidence. You won’t break anything.

The fastest way to build a CRM