Why Sweep?
Because revenue
velocity matters

Revenue velocity is the speed at which leads move through your pipeline. The faster, the better. With Sweep, Salesforce can transform into the agile platform you need it to be as you scale, grow, and optimize your processes


Trusted by top Revenue leaders


Because Salesforce is too important to outsource.

Sweep’s no-code visual workplace will help your team regain control of Salesforce. Rather than adding to your headcount or onboarding an expensive consultant, Sweep can give your existing team the tools they need to run your CRM effectively


Because your RevOps team needs to solve pipeline bottlenecks

The Revenue Operations team has a lot on their plate. And despite their best efforts, the to-do list doesn’t seem to get any shorter. With Sweep, they can delegate tasks to co-workers, build automations, and create clear lines of visibility with stakeholders so that they can generate more bandwidth for themselves


Because your GTM team needs to move faster

Manage your Salesforce funnels the same way you manage your go-to-market processes. Translating your GTM business processes into Salesforce funnels takes time, energy, and technical know how. Sweep makes it easy for your team to see what needs to be built within the CRM and make it happen themselves


Because your Salesforce Admin needs more support (and a faster way to implement change)

Let’s face it: creating anything in Salesforce takes some practice. And we’re guessing that not everyone on your team is a Double Star Ranger. But with Sweep’s no-code visual platform and AI-powered documentation, we’ve made it easy to customize (and track!) every element of your business processes. Now you can illustrate the inner workings of the CRM to stakeholders on cross functional teams without breaking a sweat


Because your Executive team needs better alignment (but fewer meetings)

You need a CRM that’s as agile as your business. Shifts in GTM strategy, product updates, or growth initiatives need to be implemented quickly and correctly. Sweep enables your team to make these updates directly without getting stuck in a backlog

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