Reverse engineer
any Salesforce

Use Sweep’s visual platform to get everyone on the same page.

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Collaborate with your clients

Use Sweep’s visual platform to get everyone on the same page.

Delegate tasks to your client without fear that something will break so you can focus on higher-impact projects.


Increase your efficiency

Save time working with clients to build the custom Salesforce they want.

Empower your clients to see what is – and what isn't – working within their configuration.


Onboard clients with ease

Sweep’s no-code platform empowers any team to skip the onboarding and get right to the good stuff.

Allow your client to simply drag-and-drop their way into building custom business processes that align with their GTM strategies.

Sweep users install a managed package in their Salesforce instances. In Sweep, users configure how they want their business processes to work.

Sweep can then deploy these processes as metadata to Salesforce via the managed package (as custom fields, objects and custom metadata records), all of which are native to Salesforce.

Since Sweep is focused on your business processes, it currently only captures and analyzes your metadata, and not your data or PII.

Sweep is a certified Salesforce Partner.

  • Salesforce license - Professional edition & up
  • Business email address to book a demo

If you have an existing Salesforce configuration, Sweep will enable you to build alongside the existing configuration with no interference or seamlessly convert the existing configuration to Sweep at the click of a button.

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