teams need all of
the information

Synthesizing what you know about the market into a coherent strategy is difficult. Impossible if all of your business metrics come with an asterisk. With Sweep you know that the information you have means what you think it means.

gtm teams hero

Insight into the rhythms of your business

Full visibility into metrics that actually make sense.

Revenue planning with greater confidence
Less anxiety for ‘how are we tracking?'
Quickly make tactical decisions

Source of truth for health of the business

GTM is a team sport. Finally work in partnership with the rest of your org.

Better understand impact of tactics
Eliminate information decay
Shared understanding of business metrics

Move as quickly as you’d like

Make your GTM move at the speed of business, not the speed of development.

Immediate and clear reporting
Faster coordination of stakeholders
Simple to build if you’d rather DIY

Sweep is designed for B2B companies that use Salesforce as their CRM. Sweep supports both customers with an existing Salesforce configuration, or companies that are starting with Salesforce from scratch.

If you have an existing Salesforce configuration, Sweep will enable you to build alongside the existing configuration with no interference or seamlessly convert the existing configuration to Sweep in one click.

Sweep users install a managed package in their Salesforce instances. In Sweep, users configure how they want their business processes to work. Sweep can then deploy these processes as metadata to Salesforce via the managed package (as custom fields, objects and custom metadata records), all of which are native to Salesforce.

Since Sweep is focused on your business processes, it currently only captures and analyzes your metadata, and not your data or PII.

Sweep is a certified Salesforce Partner.

Try Sweep Today

Tell us about your business needs, and we’ll help you set up the perfect CRM.

Try Sweep Today

Tell us about your business needs, and we’ll help you set up the perfect CRM.