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revenue goals

The information you need seems straightforward. But what you get isn’t what you want, and not when you need it. Sweep aligns RevOps with the way your business works, instead of how a database was designed.

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BI ready from the start

Information customized for you, exactly when you need it.

Process visualization
Funnel analysis and individual performance metrics
Templates and best practices

Fully integrated RevOps

Build the bridge between Sales and Operations.

Collaborative CRM for shared process ownership
Set goals with greater confidence
Align teams to strategy instead of tactics

Clarity for decision making

Insights based on your biz metrics = hidden value locked behind your GTM configuration.

High-level metrics, or dive into the details
Clear identification of problem areas
Set goals with greater confidence

Sweep is designed for B2B companies that use Salesforce as their CRM. Sweep supports both customers with an existing Salesforce configuration, or companies that are starting with Salesforce from scratch.

Sweep users install a managed package in their Salesforce instances. In Sweep, users configure how they want their business processes to work. Sweep can then deploy these processes as metadata to Salesforce via the managed package (as custom fields, objects and custom metadata records), all of which are native to Salesforce.

Since Sweep is focused on your business processes, it currently only captures and analyzes your metadata, and not your data or PII.

Sweep is a certified Salesforce Partner.

If you have an existing Salesforce configuration, Sweep will enable you to build alongside the existing configuration with no interference or seamlessly convert the existing configuration to Sweep in one click.

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