Sweep empowers RevOps teams to do what they do best

grow and scale
their businesses.
Where we’ve been

RevOps is difficult. The lack of agility. The juggling of responsibilities. The frustrating gap between how GTM actually works vs. how it’s managed in your CRM system. We’ve experienced those pain points firsthand. Sweep was created to eliminate these day-to-day challenges so that RevOps can do more strategic work.

Sweep today

Today, Sweep enables RevOps teams to easily create CRM processes and convert them to a Salesforce configuration in a click. The easy-to-use interface also makes processes easy to optimize. Sweep Customers see a rapid improvement in win rate simply by creating exactly what they want.

Where we’re going

Our aim is to bring what we call “CRM Creativity” to the entire RevOps stack – building the complete RevOps backend that makes managing CRM, marketing automation, sales engagement, and more as simple as Drag. Drop. Click.

Our Investors
Insight Partners
Bessemer Venture Partners
We believe in
Thoughtful candor
Immediate and continuous feedback, we are open, transparent, and honest.
Bias towards action
We optimize for motion when faced with ambiguity. Fast mistakes are better than slow ones.
Clear communication
Everyone should understand what's needed, wanted, or expected from themselves or others.
Optimism by default
We choose to look for hidden opportunities in every challenge.
Accountability & ownership
We don't fear mistakes; they're inevitable. What's important is taking responsibility for the solution.
Context matters
Always explain the big picture. People are capable of amazing things when empowered with the right information.
Where we are

Our team is in Tel Aviv, New York, Madrid, and Lisbon.

We work from anywhere, with unlimited PTO and the best benefits out there - and we get the job done.